Roni Ramos

Roni Ramos is the Founder & President of Harmony 3 Productions, a boutique content creation agency specializing in creating online video and photography to get clients noticed online.

For over 20 years, Roni has worked with entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations, and together with a tight team of creative professionals, they produce digital content that stands out.

Content creation these days refers to what your business shows and says online.
From your website to your email to your social media and LinkedIn Profile, all of it is visual and it’s what she specializes in.

She makes you look good.

Roni is passionate about sharing tips for success with digital marketing to business owners, who might think…this is hard…but, it’s not!
She is always telling her clients…”You can really do this!!!”

For some clients she creates the content from concept and script to a fully produced video.
For some clients she consults with them empowering them to create on their own.
For all her clients, she celebrates the spirt of entrepreneurship and creativity…that and a lot of coffee is what gets her going in the morning!

Roni think of herself as a cheerleader for small business and she gets excited to share her best tips for digital content in her weekly webinar series.
Creativity • Humor • Excellence

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