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Network Administrator (The Guidance Center)

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Job Description

Title: Network Administrator

Program: Administrative Offices

Date: August 4, 2017

Location: Long Beach

Revised Date: Category: Information Technology (IT)

Relationships:Reports To: Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Supervisory Responsibility: Systems Administrator

Summary Statement:
To provide leadership and support to agency-wide programs by providing direct services in the
installation, use, upgrade, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of computer systems and
infrastructure of the wide area network and building local area networks; responsible for all
aspects of network administration including servers, desktop systems, communications
hardware/software and office systems.

Responsible for Network Security, HIPAA related technology and systems including, but not limited
to, remote encryption, VPN, etc.

A primary function of this position is to provide day-to-day supervision to all IT staff to ensure
they are providing expert level support to repair or determine problems in computer systems and
related equipment. Manage IT staff to also ensure that they are providing immediate solutions when
possible and furnishing feedback in a timely manner. The Network Administrator ensures the COO is
informed of reoccurring problems and issues that are affecting multiple users.

Relies on experience and judgment and pre-established guidelines to plan and accomplish goals in
order to perform the functions of the job. Establish and maintain effective working relationships
with all levels of management, as well as vendors of hardware, software, and services. Demonstrate
continuous effort to improve operations and the ability to work on exacting analytical work.
Possess courteous customer service skills and a patient, positive, and calm demeanor. Excellent
organizational, time management and advanced computer troubleshooting/problem solving skills and
the ability to work in a team oriented environment.

Regular attendance is an important factor in employee’s job performance in order for The Guidance
Center to maintain efficient operations. When employees are absent, schedules and commitments fall
behind, and other employees may need to assume added workloads. Employees are expected to report to
work as scheduled and on time.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems or Business Administration;
supplemented with one or more courses in current technology from an accredited institution. Minimum
five (5) years experience as a technical administrator in a medium sized network of servers,
desktop systems and communications devices using current technologies. Any equivalent combination
of education or experience that satisfies the requirements of the job may be considered. Five (5)
years Hyper V experience as well as Network+ and Network Security certification.

Word processing and spreadsheets are required. Possess strong alphanumerical skills as well as a
good command of written and spoken English. Manage several projects and meet deadlines in an
effective and efficient manner. Must possess advanced technical knowledge of hardware, printers and
software, with an emphasis on MS office products; Exchange 2003, Windows operating systems such as
Windows 7. Knowledge of ESET Antivirus package edition a plus.

Competency in all phases of systems analysis techniques, concepts, and methods, as well as
knowledge of regulations, structure, techniques, and management practices associated with computer
systems. Must be able to read and interpret technical publications, policies, directives,
procedures and other applicable data and work with abstract concepts and conduct technical
analysis. Knowledge of business applications and systems development; ability to conduct hardware
and software evaluations, and performs selection and acquisition functions.

Must have vehicle and maintain a valid CA driver’s license and automobile insurance, or other
reliable transportation to travel to cities in Long Beach, San Pedro, Compton, or other areas in
which the Center has business. Travel may also include travel by charter boat to the Island of
Catalina in Avalon.

Core Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for entire TGC Network Security and data encryption for all TGC sites.

2. Agency-wide oversight for technical/security compliance issues. Determine technological, wiring,
communication needs for the agency; negotiate hardware/software, communication services and
technical support contracts with vendors.

3. Coordinate development and maintenance of network. Develop, install, and maintain emergency,
disaster recovery systems to back up the main network server and develops and coordinates network
replacement plan, and maintains network maps of all sites.

4. Work with Facilities Manager and the COO on the formulation of operating rules, regulations, and
procedures including HIPAA Security Rule building disaster recovery procedures for use in event of
accidents, fires, or other building related emergencies.

5. Identify and direct all IT needs for existing and new TGC locations.

6. Follow State Department of Mental Heath’s guidelines as well as other designated regulatory
agencies rules and regulations regarding HIPAA compliance, published standards for the use,
security, and audit requirements of Electronic Signatures in relation to clinical records. In
collaboration with the agency’s Health Information Manager, ensure the agency and its vendor’s
computer systems that utilize electronic signatures comply with Security: Access Control, Security:
Audit, and Security: Authentication; Take appropriate security measures to safeguard the contents
of all electronic records and complying with Welfare and Institutions Code section 5328, the
Confidentiality of Medical Information Acts California Government Code section 6254, and all other
applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Ensure and maintain an electronic signature
agreement has been reviewed, signed, and is on file for the terms of use by appropriate users.

7. Manage and direct the designing, installations, upgrades, configuring, and repairing of
local/wide area network hardware and Infrastructure, including setting up remote access for users.

8. Research, recommend and design technology infrastructure that will ensure that appropriate
information systems are in place to support the rapidly growing TGC staff and programs.

9. Organize and implement new and/or modified systems when needed; determine costs and budgets for
information technology projects and control costs for approved budgets.

10. Working with System Administrator, identify training needs for staff and develop training
programs to enhance computer skills throughout the organization.

11. Review production jobs/requests to determine feasibility of integration into the existing
operating environment, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and correcting end-user system access problems.

12. Use approved methods/procedures in the performance of assigned job. Comply with established
general and industrial safety rules and regulations and adheres to and promotes the ethics of
copyright law application.

13. Maintain a solid working knowledge of all designated equipment and systems by keeping current
with all documentation. Read technical journals and/or manuals, attends vendor seminars and
appropriate professional development workshops to learn about the maintenance and use of emerging
computer hardware, software, and network systems.

14. May be asked to deliver or pick-up important documents from/to other agencies in the greater
Long Beach/downtown Los Angeles area.

15. Knowledgeable of, or possess the ability to learn and adhere to the prevailing governmental
laws and regulations regarding employee/patient’s rights to confidentiality and limits thereof
including compliance with HIPAA, federal and state laws.

16. Attend and participate in agency-wide staff meetings and retreats, Department of Mental Health
Electronic records, technical-related meetings, and on-/off-site trainings on an on-going basis;
bi- weekly meetings with the COO, and job-related seminars as required to maintain proficiency in
designated field of employment, and keep abreast of HIPAA security rules, and relevant regulatory
body’s technical and security guidelines and laws as relevant to scope of responsibilities.

While this position commonly entails 60-75% sitting and the remaining time standing or walking, the
following physical demands could be associated with this position: Lifting or carrying up to 30
pounds. Using cart/dolly for pushing or pulling up to 30 pounds (i.e. boxes of brochures, supplies,
and cases copy paper) Stooping, kneeling, crouching, climbing or reaching.
The following are some of the physical demands commonly associated with this position. Spends
60-70% of the time sitting
20% standing
10-20% walking
Occasionally lifts, carries, push, or pulls up to 30 lbs.
Occasionally stoops, kneels, balances, reaches, crawls, and crouches, climbing or reaching Constant
use of eye, hand, and finger coordination
Frequent use of computer (keyboarding) and office telephony equipment is a requirement of this

Occasionally: Activity exists less than 35% of the time. Frequently: Activity exists between 50%
and 65% of the time. Constantly: Activity exists more than 65% of the time.

The following duty statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not
include other nonessential or marginal duties that may be required. The Guidance Center reserves
the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of this job at any time.

How to Apply:
For immediate consideration, please submit resume to

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