Board Leadership Series

Every day, nonprofit boards are charting the future for their nonprofit organizations.  They are the driving force in the governance, sustainability and the direction of the organization.  Effective boards can provide a strong foundation and framework for success. Without a strong board, however, most nonprofits face unnecessary challenges and can show limited success in meeting their mission and community need. Boards need to hold themselves accountable, but without clear information, leadership and skill development, it is almost impossible to do so.

TNP offers the following 3 trainings as part of the Board Leadership Series.

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The ABCs of Board Governance
Designed for team learning (up to 3 board and leadership staff can attend under one ticket), this workshop focuses on the roles and responsibilities of board service and governance
Achieving Board Excellence
Designed for team learning (up to 3 board and leadership staff can attend under one ticket), this workshop covers strategies and practices to build a more informed and accountable board, including assessing the board and action planning.
Dynamic Board Chairs
This full-day workshop is designed to offer current and incoming board chairs the tolls needed to conquer the challenges and issues unique to the highest office of a nonprofit Board of Directors. Learn how to work with the Executive Director/CEO, recruitment strategies, and how to guide accountability.

Long Beach Board Connection


Program Information

The Long Beach Board Connection event, co-hosted by The Nonprofit Partnership and Leadership Long Beach, brings together community members interested in board service and nonprofit organizations seeking dedicated professionals looking to serve.

For Nonprofit Organizations

Long Beach Board Connection is an exciting opportunity for your organizational leadership (Executive Director, Board Chair, Board Member) to meet prospective board members and connect, and share the impact of your organization with community members who want to give back. All nonprofits must serve the Long Beach Community.

For Prospective Board Members

Long Beach Board Connection is an opportunity to give back your time and talents to a community based nonprofit impacting the community. Board service is an opportunity to grow professionally, broaden your network and knowledge of the issues and services in the community, and be connected. All attendees will receive information about nonprofit organizations in attendance.

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