Mission:  We believe in the power of nonprofits to impact and transform communities. To strengthen the sector and the communities it serves, TNP engages in learning, collaboration, resource sharing, and advocacy. 

Vision: Successful nonprofits supporting thriving communities.


Our Purpose:

The Nonprofit Partnership has a direct and profound impact on our community by ensuring thousands of nonprofit professionals, board members and volunteers receive the tools and resources they need to be successful and make their organizations thrive.

We provide affordable access to high-quality services that are needed by nonprofits today: programming and resources that focus on building the capacity of our local community organizations by promoting collaborative opportunities, enhanced resource development, networking opportunities, custom support services and year round educational seminars and workshops.


Working together with our stakeholders, partners, and constituents to create synergy that leads to greater things.
Taking risks, finding creative solutions, embracing and driving change – advancing forward every day in big and small ways.
Utilizing skills and resources to rise above expectations through collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and perseverance.
Delivering timely, knowledgeable, and positive experiences.
Creating an environment where people, ideas, resources, skills, and values are leveraged by embracing diversity.

TNP Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Founded in 1993 by nonprofit leaders, The Nonprofit Partnership (TNP) focuses on building capacity for individuals, organizations, and the sector as a whole. Our values – collaboration, innovation, striving for excellence, responsiveness, and inclusiveness – embody the support we provide to nonprofits of all sizes and missions. In pursuit of these values, we will encourage and provide space for learning and sharing diverse perspectives. As we continue in our mission to support nonprofits, we are committed to intentionally developing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through our values: 

Collaboration: We will be an active partner in collective efforts to address inequities, and we will facilitate within the nonprofit community conversations and policy 

Innovation: We will seek out and embrace capacity building avenues and opportunities to address the challenges in the nonprofit sector regarding DEI in work-group culture, board and executive leadership, and organizational development. 

Striving for Excellence: We endeavor to live up to the ideals and practices of DEI in our programs, operations, and advocacy. 

Responsiveness: We will listen and respond to the emerging needs of the sector by providing timely, engaging, adaptive, and accessible support. 

Inclusiveness: We will foster an environment where all people, ideas, resources, skills, and values are valued, convened, and embraced. 

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