Giving Days bring More than Giving to Long Beach

October 5, 2023

Philanthropy is more than just a buzzword, it’s a force that drives positive change within our communities. One powerful way to foster and strengthen the spirit of philanthropy is through “giving days.” These events, often citywide or regionally organized, are designed to inspire generosity, collaboration, and a sense of shared purpose among community members. Giving days contribute to the development a vibrant communities- and in Long Beach, that happens each September with Long Beach Gives.   


Long Beach Gives was founded five years ago by community philanthropists, champions, and nonprofits who believe that nonprofits are the foundation of our great city, and we need to do more to build the resources for programs and services for years to come. But it’s not just a one-day fundraising campaign that makes Long Beach Gives a success. Community pride is at the core of those who live, work and play in Long Beach, and when community needs support, Long Beach shows up. Often in the community we see support for locals- like “small business Saturday,” or local donation drives- Long Beach Gives is that one day where we rally around ALL nonprofits serving our great city and give back. Giving days empower these nonprofits by providing them with a unique opportunity to share their stories and missions with a broader audience. Through creative campaigns and social media outreach, nonprofits can amplify their impact and secure much-needed funds. 


Through Long Beach Gives, the people of Long Beach connect with one another, cheer each other on, and collaborate to make change and create a thriving place for all. Long Beach Gives is not just nonprofits asking for donations on the third Thursday in September each year- it’s thousands of volunteers, staff and board members spreading the message of impact and championing organizations; it’s local businesses showing support through advertising and showcasing Long Beach Gives posters in their spaces; it’s elected officials talking about the impact of nonprofits; and it’s every person in the city giving what they can to support organizations dedicated to Long Beach. Giving days encourage collective action. They bring together diverse groups of people who may not have interacted otherwise. Giving days, like Long Beach Gives, provide one place for the whole community to contribute to a shared goal. The collective impact of many donations and individual contributions of time and effort can be transformative for nonprofits and the communities they serve. 


We are also building for the future. Giving days work to engage the next generation of engagement donors, philanthropists, and leaders. Children and young adults who witness their communities coming together to support important causes are more likely to develop a lifelong commitment to philanthropy. They learn that their actions, no matter how small, can have a significant impact. 


When you stop and think about how a nonprofit impacts your life daily, it is remarkable. You may have been born in a nonprofit hospital, dropped your kids off this morning at a nonprofit childcare center, enjoyed a walk in a local park because of a nonprofit advocating for better conditions and open space. Nonprofits give people hope when times are hard, providing basic needs and shelter, and enrich lives by filling the gaps like providing arts programming in schools, and free mental health services. Nonprofits are passionate about the work they do, and in September Long Beach has the opportunity to fund that passion and give, share, and support a movement, collectively, for greater impact.  


While Long Beach Gives, and all giving days often have a specific date, their impact lasts far beyond that day. This sustained support allows nonprofits to plan, innovate, and make a lasting difference. With Giving Tuesday around the corner and other community giving days throughout the year, join a movement, as a nonprofit, donor, volunteer, or champion- and be a part of collective impact in your community.  

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